Marriage Or Mortgage

  • 03 Apr - 09 Apr, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

The idea behind Marriage or Mortgage is pretty simple: You have a chunk of money to spend. Would you rather spend it on a memorable wedding or use it as a down payment on a house? With the escalating cost of weddings these days, it’s a question many couples have been asking. Couples get to tour wedding venues as well as houses around Nashville, and they get to decide what they’ll use the money for. In this series, wedding planner Sarah Miller and realtor Nichole Holmes show couples what they can do with the budget they have for either that wedding or that house. Miller gets the wish list and shows them two venues, and two options for guest transportation, discussing how much each will cost. Then Holmes takes the couple around to three area houses, trying to meet everything on the couple’s wish list. The couple then has to decide whether to use their budget for the wedding or the house. Marriage or Mortgate is a pleasant-enough show to kill time. There’s no snarkiness on this show, which is rated TV-G, just happy couples looking at cool wedding stuff and nice-looking houses.