Zero Chill

  • 03 Apr - 09 Apr, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Have you ever heard of England described as a hotbed of hockey? Us neither. But apparently players will move from Canada to go to academies there, or at least that happens in the world of the new Netflix family series Zero Chill. Kayla MacBentley (Grace Beedie) is a talented 15-year-old figure skater, but has been out of sorts since her family moved from Canada to England, so her twin brother Mac (Dakota Taylor) can hone his talents at a prestigious hockey academy run by Anton Hammarström (Oscar Skagerberg), a former NHL superstar and teammate of their father Luke (Doug Rao). She does these transatlantic practice sessions with her best friend and skating partner Jacob Schimmer (Kenneth Tynan), sneaking out of her new house and sneaking into the rink where the Hammarström team plays. But she is still frustrated and resentful that her father and mother Jenny (Sarah-Jane Potts) tore her out of her comfort zone in order to move for Mac’s hockey career. After Jacob tells Kayla that he can’t keep doing these FaceTime practices anymore, Kayla becomes even more disgruntled at the move. As Kayla practices in the rink, she sees a mysterious skater, dressed in full hockey gear, whose identity she desperately wants to find out, because that skater is pretty darn talented and they skate well together the only time they get a chance.

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