Tuba Aamir - The Ascension Of An IT Girl

2021 is the glorious era where we are witnessing women to be on top of their game be it in studies, athletics or in the showbiz depicting that they are no less and can head to head compete in all walks of life. Our entertainment industry is lucky enough to behold such talented beings who prove themselves with their impeccable acting skills. One such name is of Tuba Aamir, who very smoothly held successful in taking all the heed from the folks in the media. She’s strong headed, opinionated and believes in staying true to herself. The actress has already left us pleasantly surprised with her debut performance in the drama Bharaas. And now, she is all set to enthrall fans with her upcoming acting projects.

Taking inspiration and emoting real life examples that surround her, Tuba is a method actor who aspire to exhibit emotionally expressive performances by fully inhabiting the character that she’s playing on screen. Describing of her introductory character of Mina, she revealed that her straightforward self was of help in resonating with the reel portrayal. Exploring her abilities, she often turns writer for newspapers where she doesn’t shy away from stating her opinions. The actress in a tête-à-tête conversation with MAG, talks about her acting career, dealing with social media trolls and future plans. Excerpts:

Icebreaker! Who exactly is Tuba Aamir on and off the camera?

On camera, Tuba Aamir surely becomes the character that she’s playing on the screen. While off the camera, she is a very simple girl, who loves being surrounded by the people she love, who is good at heart and has good intentions and the one who cares for her loved ones.

What attracted you to begin a career as an actor?

To be honest, I never thought that I’ll become an actor. I have been working in the industry since the past seven years but I was working behind the screen, on the programming side. A lot of people over the years have told me that I should start acting. So, I went to a production house, gave an audition and literally forgot about it. Months later, I was approached by the same production house for a project. It took me a long time to decide whether I should do this or not. And I thought okay, why not! Let’s give it a try.

What steps do you take to understand the importance of your character to the story fully?

Well, what I do is I try to look for someone whom I can relate to because the actors depict a story that can be relatable to the lives around us. So, no matter what the character is, I try to visualise the people around me which are kind of similar to the said character and think how would they act or react in those particular situations. That is how, I fully understand the importance and gist of the character which I choose to play.

If you weren't famous, what would you be up to right now?

If I weren't famous or I wasn't in the public eye, I definitely would have been a writer then. I still am, as I write opinion pieces for newspapers time and again. I guess I would have been paying more attention towards it, that too more passionately.

How was your experience of debuting on the television screen with Bharaas?

It was great! It was very exciting for me at the same time because I was doing something different from what I had been doing in the past. Moreover, a great learning experience for me because Bharaas is a drama that has both senior and new actors in the cast. So, there was a lot to learn and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.

When you have a five-minute break during rehearsal, what do you spend that time doing?

During my break on the set, what I usually do is check up on my phone. Or if not, then I read a book. I always carry a novel with me because I just love reading novels.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

I wouldn't want to change anything about the Industry, but I would like people to not change themselves for the industry.

Because it is so important to be yourself, wherever you go or work not just in the media. The key is to not lose yourself in the process, people usually have the mindset of pleasing others, I believe we shouldn't change ourselves for anyone and just be genuine.

What was the biggest challenge about taking up on the role of Mina?

The complete thing was a challenge for me because it was my first project obviously. And secondly, I wasn't sure whether I would be good at acting or not. Also, about the character itself, I'm a very straight forward person in real life as Mina but on the other hand, I'm not very expressive with my emotions as my character was and that was a challenge for me to adapt. I have explored many emotions because of the role that I took up.

An actor, actress and director you really want to work with?

I'd really like to work with Sajal Ali because she's very talented and a brilliant actress.

What is your favourite part about this line of work? Your least favourite and why?

My favourite part about this line of work is that you get a lot of exposure and there is a lot of room to explore my own self. My least favourite aspect would be, when someone plays a negative role in a drama, people try to relate the character to the real person, which I think is not right. The real reward for an actor is when he/she gets hatred for the character played. But when people judge them on the basis of the characters they depict on screen, it makes me really sad.

How do you deal this increasing social media scrutiny of celebrities, online trolling and hate comments? Do you think they take a toll on one's mental health?

Well, definitely, it does affect the person's mental health by all means. Secondly, I think people need to think before they write as we are humans too and nobody around us is perfect. We all need to be a little kinder with each other. Everyone has their personal life even the one who is trolling, if it's out in the public it doesn't mean that you have the right to come and say something to someone without knowing anything about them. In fact, the life of public figures like me is more difficult because they are always on scrutiny. So, before you type something bad, just think that it takes a toll on people's mental health. I have been through a lot and I know it hurts but we need to be strong as much as possible.

What would you like to advice to aspiring actors who want to pursue their careers in acting?

My advice would be that don't be too hard on yourself. When I started writing, it took me a long time to be here. Don’t expect overnight success, you will obviously get conscious when you start something. Just keep improving, keep learning from the people around you and be humble. It’s the most important thing, be humble in whatever you do.

Tell us something about your upcoming projects?

I cannot reveal much as of now. But let’s see, some very interesting things are in the pipeline and people will like them hopefully.

Rapid Fire:

One thing you really want to learn?
Currently, it has to be driving.

You splurge the most on?
Clothes and shoes.

What is your all time favourite travel destination?

3 things you don't leave your home without?
My handbag, phone and a book.

The smartphone app you use the most?
I’m only using Instagram these days.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Shopping. I just love shopping and not just for myself but I love to shop for everyone.

Beauty product you swear by?
Definitely, a mascara.

Greatest achievement in life?
I feel that there’s still a lot achieve but I’m happy and content with where I am right now.

Your favourite food?