Spectacular in suit

Some stylish tailoring that will make your suits exciting again
  • 10 Apr - 16 Apr, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

We get it: it’s hard not to feel like your style is muted when you're wearing a standard suit and tie, especially if you’re someone who likes inviting a little colour, pattern, and texture into your off-duty look. Luckily, you can still lend your suit some personality and look entirely appropriate in an office setting. We’re all for the fun suit, which keeps the traditional elements of the classic 9-to-5 uniform, but with a modern twist. If that is still a little too daring for your workplace, we’ve highlighted some of the easiest ways to make a suit your own, without looking like you’ve tried too hard.

1. White suits can be risky business, both from a styling standpoint and also because they tend to attract stains, spills, and mishaps of all varieties. So if you want to minimise that risk, take cue from Imran Abbas and pair your all-white suit with a checkered blazer.

2. We all know that no one does a suit better than Fawad Khan. But here, the heartthrob takes on a different approach to carry a suit. Instead of opting for the ubiquitous single breasted blazer, he chose a button down blazer with what seems to be a sherwani collar and has paired it with a long coat. Now that’s innovative!

3. One of the most sought after male models, Hasnain Lehri shows us that the plaid suit is back and for all the right reasons. Only this season, it’s bolder than ever before. You can follow Lehri’s lead and go balls-out with the classic blue-green plaid. You can also go a little adventurous with your accessories and opt for a leaflet brooch like Lehri does.

4. For at least a few years now, the turtleneck under suit blazer look has been trendy among sartorial-minded gents. And in our opinion, it’s a splendid pairing. If you’re of a sartorial mind, then this is a trending style that you might want to try to give your boring suit a modish twist.