Mustafa Zahid releases the original version of his hit song from the film ‘Murder 3’

Back at it!

Mustafa Zahid’s hit song Hum Jee Lenge from the Bollywood film Murder 3 was initially a breakup song titled Kaisay Jiyein which has a connection to his personal life. “You know the song, but you don’t know the story,” the singer wrote after sharing the first teaser of the song. “Took you guys eight years to convince me to tell this story. It’s finally happening,” shared Mustafa on Instagram. The song has been composed by Mustafa Zahid and Haider Halim, while the lyrics have been penned by the singer himself. The music video has been artistically directed by Saad Hashmi and features Saboor Aly alongside the singer. The video is a very dramatic one which features Mustafa Zahid all dressed for a date, and on the other hand, we see Saboor Aly getting ready too. However, upon reaching the venue, Mustafa finds her lying dead on the floor. Listeners thoroughly enjoyed the new song which came as a surprise. This song is a story of a one-sided love that feels very close to the singer.