Alizeh Shah and Danyal Zafar starrer Tanaa Banaa is just what you need to fill your rom-com cravings

Teaser review

Romantic comedies: Love them or tolerate them – and let's be honest, you can't hate a rom-com – they're always good for a cozy evening in and a life lesson or two. They're also versatile: You can enjoy a good romantic comedy with almost anyone in your life, from your partner to your parents to your best friend. Not to mention, they pair perfectly with just about any kind of snack. So, for the next time that nothing but a good rom-com will do, we have just what you’ll need. The teaser for the upcoming Alizeh Shah and Danyal Zafar starrer Tanaa Banaa just dropped and it has been doing rounds ever since, for all the right reasons. As per the teaser, the drama revolves around the character of Danyal, who seems to be a hopeless romantic and a believer of astrology, and Alizeh, who is an ambitious girl and wants to study ahead instead of getting married. The teaser shows how the boy tries to win over the girl’s heart by accepting all her conditions. The extended cast of the drama also includes Javeria Abbasi, Aamir Qureshi, Hassan Noman Qureshi, Komal Rizvi among many others.