The Soul of a Woman

A Long Petal of the Sea author Isabel Allende turns her attention to nonfiction in the meditative The Soul of a Woman. Allende, who writes that she first called herself a feminist in kindergarten, offers readers an inside look at her time as a journalist during the second-wave feminist movement of the '60s, while also sharing the insights as she's watched the movement evolve and change over decades.

What's Mine and Yours

Spanning decades, What's Mine and Yours by Naima Coster is the story of two families who are intrinsically linked after the integration of a North Carolina school. When Gee and Noelle join the school play, they inadvertently set their families on a collision course that will affect them all for the rest of their lives.

The Fourth Child

The Fourth Child by Jessica Winter is first and foremost a book about mothers and daughters. In the early '90s, the devoutly Catholic Jane is drawn into the pro-life movement and ends up adopting a fourth child, a little girl who struggles to form a bond with her new family. Meanwhile, Jane's eldest daughter begins to pull away from her mother, forging a new path for herself in high school that echoes her mother's more than she could possibly realise.