Morgan Stewart claps back at a commenter who criticised her post-baby body

Morgan Stewart is responding to a critic who called out the Daily Pop and Nightly Pop co-host's post-pregnancy appearance six weeks after giving birth to daughter Row. One Twitter user commented in regards to Morgan's body, "Defending both sides, I think Morgan was feeling good and was proud of herself on the flip side too many celebrity moms portray this unrealistic view of motherhood when the majority of mothers don't have the time, money to hire someone or have tweaks done or energy to do this." She clapped back in her own defense, "To be clear, I didn't hire anybody to help get me to where I'm at six weeks later... I just went for a walk every morning and was more mindful of what I consumed. I'm not going to withhold my successes just because it may not agree with others." The user's comment came one day after Morgan showed off her body "six weeks postpartum" on Instagram. Morgan and husband Jordan McGraw welcomed their first child on February 17.