Haunted: Latin America

  • 10 Apr - 16 Apr, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

True-life haunting stories are supposed to be so much scarier than made up stories because it actually happened. Last year, a docuseries called Haunted came out that had people recall their stories while dramatic reenactments brought those creepy descriptions to life. Just like its American counterpart, Haunted: Latin America consists of real people telling real stories about possession, haunted houses and terrifying attacks by spirits. The format is the same as well. In the first episode, a mom of two named Brisa recounts the house she and her sons moved into after her divorce. As she describes seeing a little boy without shoes on stalking her, we see the reenactment of it. Brisa (Paula Martin) finds herself putting a gate with a bell on her sons’ bedroom door after she sees their toys lined up on a couch. She then finds herself waking up in the middle of the backyard, not remembering how she got there. Brisa finds herself saying things to people she’d never say herself, then not remembering. We always are skeptical of shows like Haunted, whose stories are supposed to be real and convincing, but end up being more weird and creepy than anything else. In the case of the Brisa’s story, the reenactments try to be scary, with visions of these ghosts inside the house and the little boy ghost who was trapped with his two killers.