Sensational Summer

Here’s our guide to trendy embroidered lawn for your hot weather fashion

It’s time to spring into action, as designers welcome the change of season with new collections. If you’re looking for ethnic wear for the scorching hot summer weather – our round-up of the best looks from the new summer collections is sure to come in handy.

It’s no secret that fashion repeats itself. While some fashion trends would be better left in the past, there are times when that one particular trend just stands the test of time for all the right reasons. And right now we can consider ourselves lucky because embroidered lawn is THE trend that has always managed to remain in the limelight despite the changing trends. What’s more, it seems it won’t be going away anytime soon!

That being said, even if fashion does repeat itself, each cycle highlights something different in a style, putting it in a new context and exposing new characteristics. Embroidered lawn dates back to years and over the course of history, embroidered details on different fabrics have changed immensely. But what’s happening with embroidered lawn in this fashion cycle?

In Pakistan, this trend has come a long way. As fashion trends changed with time, Pakistani embroidered lawn has adapted to the new climate and managed to remain elegant and sophisticated. While each embroidery technique possesses its specialty, one thing is for certain, each one of them makes a serious style statement. Recognised for the beauty it can add to understated garments, embroidery can make your outfit really come to life.

Designers have added chic embroideries to different coloured lawns. May it be pistachio, which BTW is the colour of the season, classic blue, light yellow, or pastel pink, embroidered lawn can definitely make you stand out in the crowd and give you just the comfort and style you need during the hotter days. As we have already established that lawn is the ultimate fabric for the summer season, but if we talk about embroidery by itself, then the most common choice so far is a floral print. Anyway, there are many other cool embroideries to choose from but we personally recommend to stick to classics and wear florals.

There’s nothing quite like a finely stitched lawn kurti with floral embroidery adding to its beauty.

Apart from lawns and floral embroideries, if you want to make your outfit standout even more, opt for embroidered dupattas in different fabrics to give your standard lawn outfit a flattering transition.

Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
Hair & Makeup: Angie’s Salon
Photography & Styling: M. Haris
Featuring: Michelle Mumtaz