• 17 Apr - 23 Apr, 2021
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Ah, summer: bring on the sparkling rosé, picnics, savoury sunsets, crop tops, sunglasses, and summer fragrances – all of which are still possibilities, even during this unique moment in time. Much like swapping your moody nail colours for brighter, sunnier shades, summer calls for upgrading your scent collection. Warmer days are ahead, which means it's time to give fresh florals, tangy citruses, and breezy beachy scents the spotlight. Not only are they guaranteed to lighten your mood, they're timeless scents you'll want to wear beyond the hotter months.

Plus, we all could use a mental vacation right now. These scents will sensorially transport you to Italy, Greece, Joshua Tree, and more. Scent has the power to provide a sense of comfort, and studies have shown that fragrance can positively enhance your mood, reduce stress, improve sleep, and aid in self-confidence. In other words, there's no reason not to incorporate this invisible accessory into your routine even if it's worn in the comfort of your home. Ahead are the scents to celebrate the start of summer.

Gabrielle Chanel Essence Eau de Parfum

Inside of this charming bottle sits a beautiful blend of fresh florals: jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, and grasse tuberrose. A scent meant to evoke the brightest of blooms that will make you feel fiercely chic as all Chanel perfumes do.

Pur Muguet Eau de Toilette

Cartier is calling their latest trio of fragrances a "vibrant tribute to nature." Dreamed up by master perfumer Mathilde Laurent, this one will take you to a trip through Lily Valley during peak season. It's a single-note ingredient with a beautiful scent that can stand alone.

Sun Song

A spritz of this savoury scent will make you feel sun-kissed, thanks to the luminous and poppy notes of orange blossom and citron topped off with a spicy hint of musk. It's guaranteed to be an instant mood-booster when you're having one of those days.

Chloé L'Eau

You can't go wrong with a Chloé fragrance – one of the most ladylike scents in all of the land. Especially when it's a classic floral fragrance paired with creamy rose water and crisp magnolia for a refreshing kick. This one is light and airy, making it perfect for daytime wear.

Twilly d'Hermes Eau Poivree Eau de parfum Charming Twilly

With perfume, presentation matters. So besides the fact that this bottle will look an absolute beauty sitting on your shelf, its scent is just as gorgeous. It's a fun floral with a kick thanks to pink peppercorn paired with patchouli and rose to bring out your inner-femininity.

Rose Prick Eau de Parfum

A fresh bouquet of roses from Tom Ford, which is arguably every woman's dream, is what this pretty pink bottle embodies. These aren't your run-of-the-mill roses, though. Think: rose de mai, Turkish rose and Bulgarian rose topped with turmeric extract, pepper, patchouli, and more.

Pure Grace Summer Moments Eau de Toilette

You'll be able to savour the joy of summer days even longer with this fragrance. This is Philosophy's cult-loved Pure Grace scent revamped with sunny notes of fig, lemon, sage, and fresh dewy greens to make those memories that much sweeter

Dreams Eau de Parfum

Road-tripping through Joshua Tree in a convertible with your best girl friends sounds like a dream, right? It's a feeling of freedom, which may seem so far from reality at the moment, that this scent is meant to embody using real bark from Joshua Trees, gardenia, and cactus flower.

Good Girl Gone Bad Eau Fraîche

Raise your hand if you're already a Good Girl Gone Bad fan? Same, same. Here, the scent is reimagined just in time for summer using a fresh "aquatic" fusion of orange blossom, Moroccan roses, Egyptian jasmine sambac, and tuberose. Honestly, Kilian's description alone will mentally put you at ease: "Imagine a Grecian villa, in the midst of the summer, surrounded by the endless blue of the Aegean Sea."