I want to do something in media, such as making documentaries. Can you tell me what the subject covers and what are the career opportunities?

With the recent upsurge in entities such as Netflix, HBO, Walt Disney, National Geographic all wanting to create and distribute content, the demand for documentaries has never been more. But the cost of film-making is also cheaper than ever before, thereby making it more competitive. While there are no formal educational requirements to enter the industry it is a good idea to study film and television production, get an undergraduate degree and acquire the skills required. Choose a programme with a hands-on curriculum, as that’s where the real training happens. The programme should include aspects of film production, film theory, digital media production, screen writing, and technical training. Careers in documentary film-making will range from being a producer to director, to script writer, to sound programmer, to director of photography and camera operator.

I am interested in pursuing psychology in college. Can you give me more info on what the subject covers and what the career opportunities are?

In school it is advisable that you study maths, biology, chemistry or physics. In college you will study cell biology, human anatomy, genetics, and evolution – topics all covered in high school biology courses. You have a wide gamut of options to choose from. Clinical psychology is a stream whose applicability lies mainly in healthcare. A clinical psychologist diagnoses and subsequently treats psychological disorders such as depression, personality disorders, anxiety and trauma. An educational psychologist supports teenagers attain life objectives and also understand and help deal with emotional difficulties stemming from family, social or peer pressure. Many large corporations today use the services of an organisational psychologist to advise management and workers how best to improve relationships between peers, increase productivity and combat depression. In the corporate world graduating with a business psychology degree could help you join the Human Resources team. Another interesting career is that of marketing psychologist, which involves understanding consumer behaviour to predict product suitability and consumer spending habits.