My child thinks he’s the boss in the family. Whenever I ask him to do anything, he thinks it’s a request and he simply says – no I’m not going to, I don’t want to! I don’t know how to handle him?

We think, initially you’re going to have to don your emotional armour, get tough and take the flak as a result. We suggest you start by discussing with your partner what the ground rules should be. Try to avoid creating too many rules though. The next thing to consolidate between you is the consequences for not complying. This will happen again and again, and you need to be prepared to stand together and stand firm. The consequences should be proportionate and be deliverable. When he first refuses to do as asked, he should be given a clear warning. If he refuses again then the consequences should be applied. This is where you need the staying power. Effectively you have to show him that he is not going to control situations and that power is in your hands. It is a power you are not going to abuse but will apply fairly.

I feel perennially tired and am worried that maybe I’m burnt out, or at least getting close to it. Please help!

It may seem counter-intuitive when you’re feeling tired to suggest you dig deep and get motivated to really get your body moving. Not an easy task, but regular exercise is proven to aid mental and physical wellbeing. Even moderate regular exercise helps to release the positive power of endorphins. Next, take a hard look at your diet – highly processed foodstuffs, unnatural fats, fructose and sugar-laden drinks, and fast food will literally slow you down. Turn to natural ‘clean’ foods, vegetables, salads, greens, wholefoods, natural ingredients that haven’t been created in either a lab or a factory. Ultimately, what this boils down to is that you really must find even a small but regular slice of time just for yourself. Self-care is important whether you’re a CEO, super-mum or a regular hard-working person – you still need some down-time and you need some ‘you’ time. Force yourself to be active and actually schedule that time. Start saying ‘no’ to any excessive demands made by others and start saying ‘yes’ to a more positive outlook.