The Wedding Coach

  • 17 Apr - 23 Apr, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Jamie Lee is here to help relieve the pressure of wedding planning. In her new reality series, she swoops in days before the wedding and makes sure the stress doesn’t bring the couple down. Lee knows how stressful wedding planning can be. On her new show The Wedding Coach, she meets a couple a few days before their wedding and tries to help them crank down the planning stress and enjoy the moment. In every episode, her “plus one” is a comedian friend whose particular expertise is useful for that couple. The first episode features Los Angeles couple Erin and Travis, who are planning a wedding that will take place all the way across the country in their hometown of Rochester, NY. They’ve planned so many quirks, from rowing up to the altar in a canoe to having games like croquet and frisbee available, that they’re both completely disconnected from each other leading up to the big day. Lee swoops in with Mamrie Hart, who lives for planning parties, and tries to get them to edit down some of the activities they have planned for the big day, getting it down to things they actually have passion for, like the fortune teller’s tent. What is appreciated about The Wedding Coach is that Jamie Lee isn’t trying to help reconstruct the weddings of the couples. She’s just there to get the couple to relax a little bit during the final days of this crazy process.