Letters To The Editor

"If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary." – Jim Rohn

Cleaning drives

Many of us are accustomed to complaining about the deplorable and unclean state of our neighbourhood, its roads, unkempt parks and nearby areas, with no responses or action from the authority. In the wake of Naya Pakistan, I feel it is time to take matters into our own hands and try to overcome challenges on our own. Much like the popular beach cleaning drives, the young and old should try and allocate a day from a month, and converge efforts in cleaning the neighbourhood. This successful, organised activity is also practiced in foreign countries with profound success. It’s time we make amends on our own too, perhaps that’s how we can attain our Naya Pakistan.

Jameel Khurshed,

Data protection laws; need of the hour

We are swarmed with text messages from different businesses throughout the day. Is it just a coincidence that you get a text message about a business in the area you have just moved to? On a closer examination, it seems like a breach of one’s privacy. Pakistan needs to come up with stringent laws to prevent personal data to be leaked from legal frameworks. We need to enact laws to protect data from falling into the wrong hands and become subject to misuse. An independent authority established to give due attention to data protection compliances, is the need of the hour.

Mehak Gul Khan,

Forgetting our culture

Dramatic shifts in values, lifestyle and much more are very much part of our culture and has undergone many changes over decades; In an attempt to take on new trends, people have stripped off their cultural values. Despite the national language being Urdu, our masses are swamped with the influence of English, and feel embarrassed speaking Urdu. The tolerance level of society has succumbed. Our society needs to know the difference between good and bad change. It’s high time; we make a close examination of our cultural values and try retaining their essence.

Jami Khan,

No path for pedestrians?

Commercial cities, particularly Karachi and Lahore, lack proper spaces for pedestrians to walk. In a metropolitan which is always traffic-packed, making more pedestrian bridges or footpaths seem like a notion that demands prompt consideration, since a lot of time people on foot have been seen disrupting the flow of traffic to get to the other side of the road or been hit by racing vehicles. City planners should allocate proper walking space for the denizens to ensure safety and convenience for the pedestrians.

Rubeen Azfer,

Combatting food wastage

People often stack up their plates with food they want to eat but cannot. This greed leads to a lot of food wastage that could possibly feed a few hungry mouths. What’s worse is that the food is left to rot or merely thrown in trash bins which renders it useless for others. It’s high time that we empathise with people who have to go without food for days and eat wisely, so as to pass on the leftovers or even portions of our meals to them.

Hamna Ahmed,