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Give yourself the perfect summer pedicure
  • 24 Apr - 30 Apr, 2021
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Whether your salon is still closed, you’re not ready to return back yet, or you’re trying to save some cash, the art of the DIY pedicure is always a skill worth mastering. Plus, it’s surprisingly easy to do once you’ve got the basics down. Before you get started, make sure to carve out a good chunk of time for yourself. Moving slowly will not only give you the best results, but it’ll also give you time to really pamper your feet – they do a lot for you, and they deserve it. We gathered the tips and tricks you’ll want to know. Read on for our four-step guide for how to do a pedicure at home.

Step #1: Prep your feet

Just like your face, think of foot preparation in these familiar terms: cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise. The order is up to you – it all depends on your preferred level of exfoliation.

For optimal cleansing and soaking, remove any existing nail polish, fill a bathtub or bucket with warm water and add some nice skin-softening products, like lovely-smelling epson salt. After a few minutes of soaking, dry off your feet and follow up with a physical exfoliator, like a buffing block, to scrub off flakey bits and calluses. Afterwards, lather on a moisturiser and maybe even throw in a quick foot massage to give your feet the works.

Step #2: Beautify your toes

Before you pull your polishes out, it's time to hydrate, shape, and trim to get your toenails in tip-top shape. Just like if you're giving yourself a DIY manicure, having a powerful cuticle oil is crucial for getting the feet of your dreams. Using a cuticle pusher work the oil into your nail beds to give yourself plenty of space to paint on your spring/summer colour. After you're satisfied, it's time to break out a nail kit and get to work. Make sure your kit is equipped with a nail file and clippers for you to shape and trim your nails if you've acquired more length than you'd like.

Step #3: Pick your colour

Our poor toes go through a lot. Whether that's recovering from being shamed their whole existence, or being squished into shoes and made to walk long distances without proper care. That's why we should reward them with all the tender love and care, along with mood-boosting, fun nail colours. But before you start painting, choosing a nice base coat is essential for preventing staining and making sure your colour remains un-chipped with all the wear and tear our feet go through.

After letting your base coat dry, you can paint on a vibrant colour. Normally we’re dark, moody, or nude-polish kind of people, but even we have to admit that a bright pop of colour makes us more cheerful. This might be the time to try out a colour you don't normally gravitate towards. After all, even if it clashes with the sweatpants you've been wearing every day, it's not like you're showing them to the world.

We normally squish toilet paper between our toes to make sure they don't touch each other when we’re applying colour, but you can also find some low-cost toe separators if you want to save your toilet paper. Let your colour dry in between layers until you reach the level of opacity that you're aiming for. For lighter colours, this might take three coats.

Step #4: Keep your nails healthy

The trick to making sure your feet are in the best shape is constant care. As much as we like to forget our feet exist, there are a few low-maintenance ways to keep them healthy and ready for your next at-home pedicure adventure.

Sadly, even after all your hard work, it's critical to remove nail polish to allow your toes to breathe every now and then. When you have a week of low toe-exposure, take off your nail polish and let your natural nails have their moment.

Additionally, shower give your feet some extra love with scrubs, foot treatments, and a post-cleanse moisturiser.