Alizeh Shah opens up about her acne struggle

Own yourself!

Over the period of time, multiple celebrities have raised their voices against the idea of having perfect skin, be it Hania Aamir or Hareem Farooq. This time, Alizeh Shah has taken to the matter on to Instagram and revealed how owning your skin and your imperfections is the true form of confidence. “Here, I am putting my biggest insecurity on display,” began the Ehd-e-Wafa actor in a detailed caption that accompanied her post. “Yes, I have been struggling with acne for quite a long time. A lot of us had the idea that ‘clear skin’ should be the goal but I guess living a happy life with acne is possible.” Shah went on to say, “The current state of your skin does not measure your worth or your beauty. There is nothing more attractive than confidence.” Previously, the budding starlet had been the target of netizens on using too many beauty filters and makeup. Hence, she took the opportunity this time to answer back to be comfortable in your own skins.