You may have seen her in one of the many commercials she’s featured in. She has also shared screen space with the star-studded cast of Diyar-e-Dil. She has starred in films like Parchi, Dobara Phir Se, and Heer Maan Ja. In addition to a successful and growing acting career, Hareem Farooq has taken over an additional hat of becoming Pakistan’s first female actor-producer. But Farooq didn’t quite waltz into the acting just like that. She helms from a family where acting wasn’t considered a career. Her passion for acting didn’t let her pursue a law degree and make a mark in a court room, but she definitely captivated audiences on stage. In person, the damsel is vivacious, optimistic and kind. She mingles quite amicably with everyone and loves her work. She has a notable quality – the power to connect instantly! In a quick and fun rapid fire with MAG, Hareem shares 60 seconds of her life with us. Excerpts:

The scariest moment?

When I did Angan Terha and found out that Bushra Ansari was in the audience!

First celebrity crush?

Rahat Kazmi.

Craziest fan encounter?

I went to this distant relatives wedding and as soon as I finished meeting the family, I noticed the stage was empty and all the aunties had gathered around me asking ‘tum Mausam wali ho na?’ [laughs].

Your most annoying habit?

I’m bad at texting and using the phone in general.

If you could change something about your appearance or personality?

I need to have more patience and I definitely want to fix the bump in the bridge of my nose.

Fool proof way to win your heart?

Make me laugh.

You’re superstitious about?

I believe in negative energies. Whenever I share my plans with someone, it gets jinxed.

The secret to those lush locks?

Regular oiling.

How do you manage a good skin?

I take off the make-up as soon as the shoot ends.

What’s your workout regime?

I read one of the books from Rujuta Diwekar, Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight, which was a great help as it taught me that the amount and timing of the food matters.