Gucci family blasted on Lady Gaga's upcoming movie ‘House of Gucci’

While House of Gucci is meant to recreate the drama of Maurizio Gucci's murder, it's shaping up to cause just as much spectacle behind the scenes from the real Gucci family. Though the biopic is not expected out until late this year, it's already caused quite a stir with members of the fashionable family. "We are truly disappointed," Patrizia Gucci, one of Maurizio's second cousins, said, according to the Associated Press. Patrizia did not mince her words against the project, stating, "They are stealing the identity of a family to make a profit, to increase the income of the Hollywood system. Our family has an identity, privacy. We can talk about everything, but there is a borderline that cannot be crossed." While she has spoken out publicly, Patrizia has apparently also tried to contact Scott's wife and co-producer on the film, Giannina Facio, but has not gotten a response. Patrizia's complaints extend to what she's seen in paparazzi photos of the cast filming. In March, she spoke out about Lady Gaga, who is set to portray her in the film.