My Love: Six Stories of True Love

  • 24 Apr - 30 Apr, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

In 2013, Korean director Jin Moyoung made My Love; Don’t Cross That River, which followed a couple during their final year of their 76-year marriage. Eight years later, the concept has been expanded into the docuseries My Love: Six Stories of True Love, following six couples in six countries, all of whom have been together for decades. In the six-part docuseries, filmmakers spend a year following around long-lasting couples in six different countries, not as much to see what makes couples last, but just to see them existing together through the ups and downs that particular year brings. Each episode of the series concentrates on a single couple, with episodes taking place in US, Spain, Japan, Korea, Brazil and India. The first episode follows Ginger and David Isham, who just passed their 59th wedding anniversary. Both have lived in the area their entire lives; David has spent all of his 85 years on the farm, which has been in his family for generations. And then, we are being introduced with each couple’s everlasting love story in the coming episodes. The episodes might contain more dramatic events, but the hope is that they’ll all take the same subtle approach, giving glimpses of their lives that should give couples some hope about their golden years.