Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

  • 24 Apr - 30 Apr, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

It’s been 20 years since Jamie Foxx starred in a sitcom: The Jaime Foxx Show ran on the WB from 1996-2001. But it seems fitting that he’s back on TV in a sitcom reminiscent of his last one. Brian Dixon (Jamie Foxx) and his daughter Sasha (Kyla-Drew) are sitting in the office of a therapist named Sheila (Luenell). The father-daughter pair is in therapy at the suggestion of Brian’s cop friend Johnny Williams (Jonathan Kite). The problem is, Sheila thinks that the two of them represent some May-December romance instead of a father and daughter. But once that very uncomfortable misunderstanding is cleared, we get to the heart of the issue. Sasha moved down to Atlanta to live with Brian after her mother died. During the first 15 years of her life, Brian built a successful cosmetics and lifestyle business, and whenever Sasha visited, she always felt like she wasn’t her father’s priority. But Brian is vowing to do things differently now that she’s coming to live with him, at least that’s what he tells his father Pops (David Alan Grier) and sister Chelsea (Porscha Coleman). Of course, with Sasha due from the airport, he has to get Courtney (Zaria), one of the models that work for his company, out of his home; she very insistently wants to have some fun with him. Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! which Foxx co-created with TV vet Jim Patterson, reminded us of what he’s capable of.