Thunder Force

  • 24 Apr - 30 Apr, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Melissa McCarthy is once again directed by hubby Ben Falcone in Thunder Force, their fifth such collaboration and first exclusively for Netflix. This new film isn’t just a McCarthy solo vehicle; will pairing her with Octavia Spencer for a superhero spoof make Thunder Force a more memorable one? Some monumental crap happened in 1983: Cosmic rays bombarded Earth, causing sociopaths, and only sociopaths, to become superpowered. They became known as Miscreants and one of them killed Emily Stanton’s (Bria Danielle) parents. She was a gifted student, and therefore the target of bullies and needs a bestie bodyguard. That would be Lydia Berman (Vivian Falcone), a slob that’s too anachronistic for 1983 for us not to point out. The BFF superglue held until they were teens, when they fell out and never spoke to each other again. Shockingly after that, Miscreants haven’t turned the planet into a fascist hell, but are just crooks on crime sprees and whatnot. Lydia (McCarthy) works schlepping shipping containers around a dock. Her 25th class reunion prompts her to get back in touch with Emily (Spencer), a genius of science and numbers. So of course, Lydia ends up accidentally getting eight hypodermics in the face, giving her super strength. Together, they become Thunder Force, and they pile into an electric purple Lamborghini, zooming around Chicago to fight crime-doers, which includes a human male with crab arms known as The Crab (Jason Bateman), a laser-zapping lady known as Laser (Pom Klementieff) and the corrupt Chicago mayor, known as The King (Bobby Cannavale).

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