Life In Colour With David Attenborough

  • 01 May - 07 May, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Life In Colour With David Attenborough is a three-part docuseries where Attenborough describes how the animal kingdom not only communicate and survive through the use of colour, but how some species see colour in a way that humans can’t. With new camera technologies, some of which were developed for the series, we get a look at how certain animals see colours in different ways, either via ultraviolet filters or through a polarising filter. The first episode spans locations from Australia to Costa Rica to South America to the Southeastern U.S. Attenborough explains that the first species that appeared on this planet hundreds of millions of years ago didn’t have a great ability to see colour, which is why ancestors of those species tend to be black, white, brown or some combination of the three. But ones that have evolved to be particularly sensitive of color not only use it to feed but also mate and keep others away. Some of the species the series’ various nature photographers capture are ones that use colour in different ways. Like most of the nature specials produced by the BBC, many of which Attenborough hosts, Life In Colour is rife with spectacular photography. The colours presented really pop, and they seem to be a good test of whether your TV is up to snuff or needs some recalibration.

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