A very inhumane cowardly act to instill terror and create hatred... hoping that the perpetrator is brought to justice and pays for his crime. Sending prayers to the brave #NafiahAkram. May the Almighty give you more strength to deal with this trauma.

Faysal Qureshi directed our attention towards an atrocious crime where a Pakistani student was blinded and disfigured in heinous acid attack outside her home in US which clearly shows the increasing Islamophobia in the West.

COVID is not a national crisis anymore; it’s a humanity crisis now. The situation in India has shaken us to the core. I request the Pakistani government to put the political differences aside and help the humans first in any way we can.

Humaima Malick emphasised that our government should help our neighbouring country in every way possible as the country has been badly hit by the currently ongoing wave of coronavirus.

It is wrong that students are being forced to take exams. Not only is it dangerous with the third wave taking hold but is unfair when education has been so disrupted! I humbly request the government to cancel exams this year as other countries have done.

Mehwish Hayat requested the government to cancel the exams this year in these crucial times as it is extremely dangerous and can risk the lives of students. Also, it can badly affect their studies.