Juvaria Abbasi opens up about her experience as a single mother

Mom power!

Parenting is tough enough when you're part of a pair; doing it solo is even harder. Whether they're co-parenting through divorce or completely on their own, single moms can handle it with grace. Proving this statement right is actress Juvaria Abbasi who single-handedly raised her daughter and broke the stigma around single-mothers not being capable of raising a child alone. In an interview with a publication, Juvaria talked about how her experience has been as a single mom while working in the entertainment industry. "Why does everyone say being a single mother is difficult? It is fun. It's such an exciting thing," Abbasi said. "Just because we live in a society that believes you need a husband and that a man will raise a child, we think like this. Otherwise, what's the need? I'm an actress, I earn well, I live in a good place, my lifestyle is decent, I have a child. Whatever I earn, I can give my child a great life. I don't need a man," she said.