Students are disrespecting Shafqat Mahmood and Ayesha Omar is furious about it

Lacking ethics

Ayesha Omar is furious with the students who are disrespecting Shafqat Mahmood amidst the exam fiasco. "It's shameful. Is this the kind of nation we are raising? So much disrespect for elders. Criticism or differences should not lead to disrespect," wrote the actor. "Just because you don't agree with something doesn't mean you have to be derogatory and demeaning. We really need to rethink and reflect on a lot of things." Omar then addressed the students, "Dear Students. Criticism and difference of opinion does NOT mean one needs to be disrespectful. We can get our point across with respect. Let’s try to regulate and stabilise our emotions in stressful situations. It’s better for us and others. Positive manifestations also help," she stated, trying her best to mediate the situation. Students have been furious for weeks because the government initially decided not to cancel or postpone O and A Level exams. Now that it has been decided to postpone them, the students aren't able to avail the school assessed grades option.