Marina Khan urges people to take the virus seriously after being tested positive

Socially responsible

With more than 150 million people worldwide having tested positive for the coronavirus, perhaps it's no surprise that celebrities and other public figures have come forward to say they've been stricken by the illness. From veteran actors like Sakina Samo and Rubina Ashraf to the younger gen of actors like Neelum Munir, Yashma Gill, Ali Abbas, these are just a few of the famous people who've been diagnosed with covid-19. But apart from sharing their diagnosis online, these celebrities have been responsible enough to share their experience with the virus in order to raise outbreak awareness. One such celebrity recently diagnosed with covid is veteran actress Marina Khan. “I have covid,” she announced in a video on Instagram. “It’s real, it’s out there,” she said urging people to take the virus seriously. Sharing her symptoms, she said, “I have fatigue, fever that comes and goes and headaches that have now subsided.” She also requested everyone to stay indoors and stay safe this Eid, “Nothing will happen if you do not buy new Eid clothes this year.”