Hania Aamir and Momin Saqib to pair up for Shazia Wajahat ’s directorial debut

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Audiences love to see what kind of sparks fly when two of their favourite actors are brought together in a film or drama. It can result in an epic romantic connection, or the chemistry could be seriously lacking. Either way, it’s great fun to see how two talented actors play off of each other. So, while Hira Mani and Junaid Khan are consistently fantastic together, there comes a time when it’s necessary to mix up some fresh, starry-eyed duos. One such pairing we’d love to see as romantic leads are Hania Aamir and Momin Saqib. According to latest news, Hania is all set to pair up with the social media influencer and a fairly new actor, Momin Saqib. Producer Shazia Wajahat, who is making her directorial debut with this new project, broke the news on her social media with a video captioned as, “Something exciting coming soon. New onscreen couple alert.”