I always feel lethargic and mentally fatigued. How do I tackle it?

Here are some of the ways we can beat lethargy and mental fatigue and live a spirited life:

1. Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant foods suppress inflammation. Avoid sugar, dairy, gluten, refined vegetable oils and have more of omega 3 fats, nuts, meat, fresh vegetables and fruits, gluten-free carbs.

2. Good sleep enables the mitochondria to clear waste from our body cells through a process called glymphatic system. This is why good sleep is important to rejuvenate our mind and body.

3. Workout improves mitochondrial function and helps our brain function better.

4. Minimise exposure to pesticides, genetically modified foods such as corn, soy, grain-fed meat. Opt for organic foods, grass-fed meat and free-range eggs, among other healthy foods.

5. Stop popping pills for minor health issues without your physician’s advice. Studies have shown that many of the commonly used drugs like asprin, antibiotics, statins, paracetamol, NSAIDs, Indomethacin (pain killer) damage the mitochondria. Some of these impair the energy production and increase the oxidative stress in the body.

I went on the keto diet and lost 15kg in two months, but now am gaining weight very rapidly. I am not eating too many carbs. What can I do?

This is the main problem with ultra-low carb diets. Life always comes in the way, temptations come in the way and your mind and body start to crave carbs all over again. Your T3 levels drop in the long run and can put you at a risk of long term metabolic damage leading to hypothyroid, which makes it harder for you to lose weight later on, in case you gain it. If you’ve been on "Dirty Ketosis" which means eating the wrong kind of fats like cheese and processed oils from processed meats, there is potential damage to your total cholesterol levels and liver function too. When you get off keto, it is very important to add carbs very gradually and in forms that suit your gut. If you were on macros where the carbs were just five to 10 per cent, gradually increase it up by five per cent every week. Most people on keto do not work out. So, adding carbs means you will need to start some form of cardio activity. Always pick diets that you think are going to be sustainable in the long run given your situation.