Amanda Seyfried Reveals How Motherhood Changed Her Approach to Acting

Hot off of the 2021 Academy Awards, the Mank Best Supporting Actress nominee virtually sat down to discuss her latest film, Things Heard & Seen. Seyfried spills in this exclusive clip how motherhood changed her approach to acting – including even the roles she was offered! "I've never played a mother before I was a mother. How's that Hollywood? Thanks a lot," Seyfried jokes. "But it's actually...richer. It got more nuances obviously. There's just a life experience you're getting on a daily basis – now twice as much." Seyfried welcomed son Thomas in September 2020 with husband and fellow actor Thomas Sadoski. The couple also share four-year-old daughter Nina. This certainly isn't the first time Seyfried has gushed about motherhood, but it is her debut playing a mom onscreen. According to Seyfried, her personal experiences as a wife and mother added to her range on playing a parent who relocates to a small rural town with her young family, only to realise her new home is hiding a secret in the upcoming Netflix thriller.