Justin Bieber faces accusations of cultural appropriation upon sharing new photos

Justin Bieber is facing accusations of cultural appropriation after he shared photos of himself sporting the dreadlocks. The singer debuted the look in a picture shared to Instagram recently. The next day, Justin shared another photo of himself in a checkered shirt and a pink pearl necklace. The fans voiced disapproval of the hairstyle soon after the photos were shared. Dreads, also known as locs, are historically worn by members of the Black community, who have faced discrimination for the hairstyle. This isn't the first time Justin has been called out for wearing locs. In 2016, Justin faced heavy criticism for wearing his hair in dreadlocks at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Shortly after, he shaved his hair down to remove the dreads. The accusations of cultural appropriation come after the pop star was criticised for using the Black Lives Matter movement to promote his album, Justice. Justin opened the project with a recording of Martin Luther King Jr. saying, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere," before an instrumental song titled MLK Interlude plays.