Azaan Sami Khan releases new single featuring Mahira Khan

On the musical front

We've been consuming music in a vacuum for more than a year now. Music has felt essential throughout the pandemic. It's offered us a short escape, or a way to make sense of our anxieties. One such song is the recently released single Tu by Azaan Sami Khan. Tu marks as the second single from his debut album Main Tera. And as depicted by teasers released prior, the video features a special costar: Mahira Khan. Released under the banner of HUM Music, the song lyrically revolves around the stages of being in love, and the dilemma that comes with falling for somebody who you know isn’t good for you. Touting Billie Jean by Michael Jackson as the inspiration for the track, Azaan shared he wanted to do a lyrically solemn song with an upbeat tune. The music video of Tu, which is almost like a short film, is jam-packed with special effects and plenty of scenes depicting the leading couple’s relationship. From early romance and infatuation to overwhelming feelings of love, we see Azaan and Mahira nailing these scenes in their own quirky manners, be it playing video games at home, carrying out fights, or feeling overpowered by a partner – the video has covered pretty much everything one goes through and inwardly feels in a relationship.