Hannah Brown reveals she had to delete her DMs to Taylor Swift, here’s why!

In a video on the former Bachelorette star's YouTube channel, Hannah played "Never Have I Ever" with her boyfriend Adam Woolard. During the game, Hannah admitted that while she didn't make it a habit to slide into the DMs of the guys she was interested in, her favourite pop star's DMs was another story. "It's usually girls that I'm obsessed with. Like Taylor Swift," she said. "Oh my God, if she saw the messages. I had to go back and take away some of my messages I sent her." She wasn't the only person in the room to have gushed over a celebrity on Instagram. Adam also admitted he DMed his favourite singer, Billie Eilish. Back in 2019, the Bachelor Nation alum shared that she was listening to Taylor's album Lover non-stop while preparing for Dancing with the Stars. "When we warm up, I make us listen to Taylor Swift," Hannah told about her and her partner's Alan's routine. Swift even responded to Hannah's Lover waltz on the dancing competition show, calling it "pretty & twirly" on her Instagram story.