Girl From Nowhere: Season 2

  • 22 May - 28 May, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix’s Thai anthology series Girl From Nowhere is popular, and it’s easy to see why. The premise, which finds a girl named Nanno (Chicha Amatayakul) enroll in various schools in order to enact revenge on problematic students and teachers, provides a template for virtually limitless stories, and the show’s basis in real-life events gives it a grounded quality despite Nanno’s obvious otherworldliness and the somewhat fantastical methods of payback she sometimes employs. Another eight episodes of the second season dropped recently, and so Nanno, back by popular demand, has more wrongs to right on various school campuses – watching her do so is as enjoyable as ever. Girl From Nowhere: Season 2, like the first season, lives and dies on the strength of Nanno as a character. She remains an excellent creation, brilliantly embodied by Amatayakul as a malleable entity who can switch from quiet and unassuming to provocative to outright terrifying at a moment’s notice. Her chameleonic nature means she has no arc, really, but is instead a conduit through which other stories can be told. The show’s mission statement is really about putting power back into the hands of victims, and Nanno is the means by which that is achieved; she’s the idealised avenger of every high-school student wronged by predatory males, social dynamics, corruption, or any of countless other things that afflict boys and girls of that age.