Eshal Fayyaz - In Her Own Words

There’s no slowing down rising actress and model Eshal Fayyaz. The beginnings of her career saw her as a model, where she appeared in numerous fashion magazines before deciding it was time to undertake acting as a career – which ultimately she had her heart in more than being a model. Her 2019 film Kaaf Kangana featuring Sami Khan, Fiza Ali and Ayesha Omer, became her claim to fame, proving that she was not just made for the small screen but rather, she’s a multi-faceted actress made for the big screen. Fayyaz can be seen in some of the most talked about projects in TV and film. Currently, she’s gearing up for yet another big screen venture, her upcoming film Main Hun Teri Gulnaz. Eshal was catapulted onto the radar when she played the role of Abro in drama serial Abro. Among her many television credits, she has starred in dramas like Hatheli and Tabeer. Already starring in telefilms, dramas, movies along with modelling for high end brands, with all this in mind, it is clear these are the beginnings of an extraordinary career. This enticing lass catches up with MAG during a lively one-on-one. Read on to discover Eshal’s unique history as a model and an actor, her views on social media and what she told us about her upcoming projects. Excerpts:

We’ve seen Eshal as an actress and also as a model, but who is Eshal Fayyaz behind the camera?

An ordinary girl who loves her family more than anything.

You have been both, a model and an actress. Which of them do you do with much ease?

I started off as a model and then acting, modelling is easy and all about beauty of the outside, but acting is a bit more difficult, there are emotions and lots of effort to put. If I had to choose one, I will go for acting first, definitely.

What are some of the challenges you have faced balancing these two and how have you overcome them?

I feel I'm good at keeping a balance. I usually follow my heart, so if I have an acting project I put my heart and soul in it. All the while keeping myself open to other avenues.

You also have a film to your credit. What do you prefer for your craft: TV or film, and why?

There is no comparison, every platform has its own audience, aesthetics and charm. When I first saw myself on the silver screen, I couldn’t stop my tears. So that was a defining moment for my career. However, if you want to be a star of the masses, you should work in dramas.

As an actor, what do you think are some changes that the film and drama industry could use?

I think there is always room for improvement. Our film industry specifically is in its growing years, so there are many aspects lacking. What we should focus on is the content, because that is what makes or breaks an industry.

People often assume models are perfect and therefore, have no insecurities. For obvious reasons this isn’t the case, like people stating you need to change constantly to suit their aesthetic. What would be one thing you’d change about yourself if you could?

Nobody is perfect, however, I am happy with myself the way I am. I would like to improve on my skills as there is always room for growth.

What do you consider as social responsibilities that come with the celebrity label?

People follow celebrities and their lives avidly. Many also draw inspiration from the lives of celebrities, so in my opinion everything we do should be socially responsible. For example, be environmentally conscious, responsible with our endorsements, etc.

How do you feel about social media? Do you think people lose authenticity by being on it?

Social media is an integral part of the new age world. You cannot be relevant if you are not on it, unless of course you are Keanu Reeves. Some people do end up losing themselves, which is why they say 'excessiveness is not good'.

Give us the scoop on your future projects?

Currently, I'm doing a film Main Hun Teri Gulnaz, then there is a drama I’m shooting right now. I recently did two Ramadan telefilms and there is one more project that I’m currently doing but I can not reveal it. You all have to wait for that.

And lastly, can you share some advice with the up-and-coming models or actors who want to make it big?

Stay focused, achieve your targets, live your life, do something productive every day and make yourself proud.

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