• 29 May - 04 Jun, 2021
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We know we have our mothers to thank for quite a bit: Be it giving us our bone structure or guiding our first introduction to the beauty scene. And while they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, it isn't just good genes that are passed down from one generation to the next – it's good beauty advice. In celebration of moms everywhere, we've rounded up the best beauty tips our favourite It girls have their mothers to thank for. From skincare secrets to bedtime rituals to confidence-boosting mantras we can all get behind, our favourite celebrity daughters spill the best beauty advice they got from their moms.

Kendall Jenner

Even though Kendall has access to some of the world’s top makeup artists and skincare specialists, she also learned a lot from her momager Kris Jenner. In an interview with InStyle, Kendall said that one of the biggest rules she learned was simple, “never touch your face.” And Kris Jenner is right. On average, we touch our faces more than three times an hour and by doing so, we’re just relocating dirt and oil from our hands to our face. The outcome? Breakouts.

Lily Aldridge

To keep her looks camera-ready, Lily Aldridge sticks to a bedtime beauty routine her mother instilled in her. "Always wash makeup off at night before bed with a gentle cleanser," the model tells Fashionista. "And moisturise!"

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley didn’t just learn beauty lessons from her mom, but lessons in confidence and self-love. “I’ve learned so much from my mother. She’s 49 and has never dyed her hair, never worried about wrinkles, never felt self-conscious about having her womanly body. And I took all of that to heart. I don’t think there is any better lesson than that.”

Gigi Hadid

Though Gigi Hadid never fails to glam it up on the red carpet, when it comes to her beauty routine, the model follows mom Yolanda Foster's beauty advice "that less is more, and to only use products out of necessity," she tells InStyle. "My mom hardly wore makeup, and I certainly didn't have any of my own," says Hadid. "It was fun to learn about it later in life."

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad received some motherly beauty advice we all wish we had gotten in our younger years. "My mother taught me how to maintain my eyebrows," she tells us. "I've always had fuller brows, so this came in handy when I was younger. I still only go in for professional touch-ups a couple of times a year."