What is the importance of undergoing a psychometric test? Is it really helpful for students?

The plethora of study options available today can make selection of subjects in school an extremely tedious and a stressful exercise for students and parents. Psychometric tests are a scientific and objective way to help decide not only which subjects to choose but also which career path will be most suitable for the student. It helps match skill sets with passion. Psychometric tests can also vary – some to assess personality type, while some to know the aptitude and leaning of a student. This test has nothing to do with academic performance and so grades, either good or bad, cannot be a criteria to take or not the test. The test guides the student and parents in precisely the area that the kids are yet undecided about; to help gain deep insights into career planning and decisions about fields of specialisation. There is no preparation that goes into this test as the candidates are supposed to answer questions spontaneously and intuitively. Once done the results must be interpreted by a qualified counsellor as only then will it help you to work on your weaknesses and focus on your strengths.

Is it possible to do a Master’s in a completely different field from what I did for my undergrad? I’m a graduate in finance but media is my choice.

Moving from a BA in Finance to a Master’s in Media is definitely possible on paper. What is more important is whether your interest and skill sets match the profession. An internship while at university is a prime opportunity to explore and identify not only areas of interest but also careers that do not excite you. An internship provides an excellent opportunity to develop practical and professional skills and to make industry contacts. In today’s environment a degree in media studies is not necessarily intended for students who wish to pursue a traditional career path in an area such as journalism, advertising or broadcast communication. Instead, the focus is on how communication is processed through various media forms and the effects it makes. Experience is extremely important in this industry so while identifying a programme ensure the university has linkages with the industry both for internship and employment.