Spotify finally adds offline music downloads on Apple Watch

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Spotify is adding the ability to download playlists, albums, and podcasts on Apple Watch to play offline, the company announced. Users will be able to stream audio in 96kbps, add and delete Spotify content on their phones, and sync with the Watch. Spotify added the ability to stream music using an Apple Watch in November last year; until that point, the Apple Watch only worked as a remote for Spotify music playing on an iPhone or other Spotify Connect-compatible device. Spotify first launched its Apple Watch app in 2018. The offline feature will be available on Apple Watch Series 3 or later running WatchOS 6.0, with WatchOS 7.1 and up recommended. A Spotify Premium subscription is also required. Spotify Premium memberships range from $9.99 per month for a single account, up to $15.99 per month for a family plan. Another streaming music service, Deezer, beat Spotify to the punch, adding the ability to download music from its Apple Watch app. Also, Spotify said it was launching a new feature to allow Google’s Wear devices to download music and listen to it offline, without needing an accompanying phone.

Snap is soon launching a standalone video editing app called Story Studio

Snap wants to be the company people think of when they go to edit videos on mobile, so during its annual partnership summit, the company announced a new iOS app that’ll help it achieve that goal: Story Studio. It’ll give people editing tools specifically designed for mobile, or vertical, videos. The app will pull data from Snapchat and its new Spotlight feature, more familiarly recognised as its competitor TikTok. They can look through Snapchat insights, like what’s trending on the app across sounds, hashtags, and lenses. Of course, like most other video editing apps, users can trim their videos and edit frame by frame. They can then share directly to Snapchat through a built-in button, or download their work to publish in other apps. Notably, content made in Story Studio won’t include a watermark, meaning if it’s published on other platforms, like Instagram’s Reels, it won’t be demoted by the algorithm. The app will roll out later this year, and the company didn’t share any other details about a possible Android version.