‘Largest Iceberg in the World’ – bigger than Rhode Island – breaks off Antarctic Ice Shelf

  • 29 May - 04 Jun, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly
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A gigantic piece of ice has broken off from Antarctica and become the largest iceberg in the world. The oblong-shaped formation spans 1,668 square miles and measures about 108 miles long and 15.5 miles wide. The measurements mean the iceberg, named A-76, is larger than the state of Rhode Island, which has a landmass of 1,034 square miles. The second-largest iceberg in the world, dubbed A-23A, measures 1,305 square miles, the ESA said. "Iceberg A-76 calves from the western side of the Ronne Ice Shelf in the Weddell Sea and is currently the largest iceberg in the world," the U.S. National Ice Center tweeted on May 14. According to CNN, scientists don't believe the iceberg was formed as a result of climate change. Instead, they say it was part of its natural cycle since large sections of ice break off from ice shelves at regular intervals. The breaking off of A-76 also won't contribute to sea-level rise, CNN reported, since it was already part of a floating ice shelf that displaces water. It's similar to how an ice cube doesn't increase the amount of liquid in a cup, the outlet explained.