Mansha Pasha

Why is every social media handle remotely related to Israel acting so insanely crazy on social media? Is it because the cat is out of the bag now and people are actually seeing the-so-called ‘conflict’ for what it is? #ApartheidIsrael

Maya Ali

Thinking of all those who lost their loved ones in the ill-fated crash of #PK8303, last year – today and always may the loving memories bring you peace, comfort and strength. Prayers for you all.

Mahira Khan

Every time I see a clip, a scene, even a just a still of Raqeeb Se… I feel something tug at my heart. It calls out to your soul. Take a bow Kashif Nisar, Bee Gul… And the tremendous cast and crew of this serial. Pure gold!

Shaniera Akram

I will never support the torture, suffering or destruction of innocent people no matter what the reason. We are all trying to survive in this world and any person, group or country that uses innocent human life as collateral damage is in the wrong! #IPrayForPalestine #HumanityFirst

Adnan Siddiqui

Feeling sick to the stomach. With each new case, humanity plunges deeper and deeper into a dreary, dark pit. Why are we turning into morally depraved monsters? Abhorrent! #JusticeForSunitaMaseeh