Asif Raza Mir starrer Gangs of London nominated at the BAFTA TV Awards

Gaining Global Recognition

TV show Gangs of London that aired early in 2020 on Sky TV has been nominated at BAFTA TV Awards for the Best Drama Series and Production Design. The show stars Pakistani ace artist Asif Raza Mir as Asif Afridi, an international drug lord from Pakistan. Asif Raza Mir’s wife, Samra Asif Mir proudly shared the big news with her followers on Instagram. “BAFTA nominated AMC’s Gangs of London for the Best Drama Series and Best Production Design,” she wrote adding a picture from the sets. Speaking to CTV, the Pakistani actor and producer shared, “The nice thing about this project that I personally liked is that it’s a typical crime gangster series,” he added that every character in it has its own back story and at the same time has the human side of it. “It’s a brilliant example of multicultural casting that gives an opportunity for every audience to associate themselves one way or another, globally.” The show revolves around the stories and lives of rival gangs and other criminal organisations in London.