Timeless & Tranquil

As a place where you often escape after the stress of work or hectic woes of life, your home needs to evoke a serene atmosphere and help you recharge from the day. However, its ability to do so is often overlooked, leading to a space that can drain you if it's not thoughtfully decorated. Creating a tranquil abode goes beyond your design aesthetic and objects within a space; it starts with simple, mindful practices that allow you to feel stress-free. No matter your lifestyle, here are practical ways to transform your home into a balanced and peaceful retreat.

Embrace the power of plants

When looking to recharge from a stressful week, bring the restorative qualities of plants indoors for a tranquil effect.

Strokes of natural light

Nothing brings clarity to a room like a stroke of natural light and strategically placed mirrors will double that.

Try lacquered pieces

These lacquered side tables bring a shiny touch to a space and help produce a calming effect.

Conquer the clutter

Few things create mental unrest like clutter. Invest in appealing organisational tools like woven baskets to declutter.

Consider using aromatherapy

Candles have the ability to cast a warm, inviting glow and fill an entire room with a pleasant aroma.

Add playful wall hangings

Incorporate a colourful tapestry to match the youthful spirit of the family’s hangout spot.

Utilise natural textures

Covering hard floors with naturally textured floor cushions creates a serene environment.