iOS 14.6 will be now available with new Apple Podcasts subscriptions

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Apple is releasing its latest iOS 14.6 update and it’s largely focused on audio improvements. This new OS update will allow Apple Music subscribers to enable lossless audio or Dolby Atmos once it’s available next month, and it also debuts Apple Podcasts subscriptions. Podcasts users can now subscribe to content in the app for extra perks like ad-free and bonus content, as well as early access. Apple is also improving the Podcasts app with the ability to mark all episodes as played, recover old episodes, and remove downloads. iOS 14.6 includes a number of other quality-of-life improvements. If you’re an AirTag owner, iOS 14.6 includes the option to add an email address as a contact method for when the item tracker is in lost mode. As always, this latest version of iOS also includes some fixes and security improvements. Apple has fixed an issue with the Apple Watch not unlocking an iPhone correctly, problems with reminders as blank lines, call blocking extensions not appearing in settings, reduced iPhone performance during startup, and Bluetooth issues during calls.

SiriusXM is all set to start a TikTok music channel appealing for teens

SiriusXM wants to reach the youth, and it’s going to do so through the cultural cachet of TikTok. Sirius, which owns Pandora and the podcasting company Stitcher, announced a new partnership with the social video app today that’ll bring TikTok-popularised music to the satellite radio provider. TikTok Radio, a new music channel, will broadcast trending sounds through the SiriusXM app, browser, and connected devices. Sirius says tuning in should sound like swiping through TikTok’s “For You” page. It’s also using the partnership to launch a new Pandora series, called TikTok Tastemakers, that’ll involve popular TikTok creators hosting and curating playlists with their favourite songs alongside commentary. They’ll also promote the shows on TikTok. The partnership really seems to mutually benefit both companies. TikTok gets even more brand promotion, while Sirius now has something to market to teens. Right now, the company’s most prominent deal is with Howard Stern, someone many teens likely haven’t tuned in to hear. Offering a TikTok station might make selling them a satellite radio subscription slightly easier or if nothing else, it’ll make driving around more enjoyable.