Hina Ashfaq - Magnificently Accoutered

Hina Ashfaq has had the kind of start to her career that most young models can only dream of. Having opened her eyes to the fashion realm as one of the top seven contestants in 2014’s Miss Veet Contest, Hina has since seen no dearth of offers. Her doll-like features captured the attention of leading fashion brands and had the potential to catapult her to a successful modelling career, having her graced countless runways, and numerous high fashion campaigns of luxury brands like Hub, Hush Puppies, Jazz, Mantra and more. But she soon made her debut on television to pursue another passion and dream: acting. In 2016, she was seen in the drama Munkir and later she made a guest appearance in the movie Thora Jee Le. Hina also starred alongside a stellar ensemble cast including Hamza Ali Abbasi, Sajal Aly, Ahsan Khan and Kubra Khan in Alif. Her most recent venture was TV drama Masters that revolved around the story of five students. Hina Ashfaq is already big and is certainly getting bigger and she is ready to take over both, the fashion world and the silver screen. Here, the fashionista is raising the style quotient like never before, dressed in designer wear of the most recent trends in the fashion realm.

Hina’s picks for today are soft pastels, the shades keeping us calm this summer season. Pastels are calmer than bright colours during summer. From lemon to light pistachio green, pastels have remained at the forefront of great summer colours and from their appeal, they are not going away anytime soon. Whether you are craving for a silky refresh with a peach shade or want to buy something subtle like pale pastel, the versatility of the shades is undeniably vast, with ideas of every moment and space. They transcend styles with their softness, tenderness and warmth. Also, they work great with a variety of colour palettes and give you a youthful and sophisticated look adding richness to your personality.

The pastel hues in pink, blue, yellow, and green donned by the diva are our personal favourites for the season. These delicate colours have the ability to make a big impact on your overall look. Despite their subtle shade, the colours are full of vitality and brightness.