Mehar Bano reveals being harassed on set and rescued by Saba Qamar

Speaking up!

It's really sad to even talk about molestation and harassment in this century where technology has taken a huge leap, the distances are shortened by a simple app, the laws are stronger than ever and we are called an advanced nation. From every other citizen in the country to the celebrities who are always seen surrouded by the bodyguards, no one was spared by the dirty side of humanity. Many celebrities came ahead and brought to light such incidents, Mehar Bano being one of the many. In an interview with a publication, the Churail actor recalled an incident of being rescued by Sabar Qamar after she was harassed on set. "Saba Qamar came to my rescue. I was harassed by a mic wala on set. You can get harassed at any time by any one when especially when you don't know what's going on and you're just a child. As I was young at the time, I was really confused," she said. "I told her and she went on set and had him kicked out," she continued.