Feroz Khan, Ahmed Majeed Algoria and Waliya Najib starrer ‘Road Trip’ should be your weekend binge

Short of the week

It’s not always possible to jump on a plane bound for a far-flung destination, but that doesn’t mean your wanderlust just quietly subsides. Nah, that’s when those itchy feet get even itchier. We know the struggle all too well, friends. There’s no real cure, but sometimes looking at old travel photos does the trick and other times, getting wrapped up in a good travel book makes you almost feel like you did get on that plane after all. But let’s be real, sometimes you just need to curl up on your couch and turn your brain off for a while. Finding a good travel movie lets you escape reality and experience the magic of travelling without ever leaving your living room. The recently released short film Road Trip will do the trick for an avid traveller or someone who prefers to “explore” from the comforts of home. This film is about an unplanned journey that results in making monumental decisions that leads you back home has been penned down by Naeem Ali, directed by Sultan Ghani Afzal, produced by Danish Khawaja, executively produced by Umair Mustafa and Sultan Ghani Afzal. It stars Feroz Khan, Ahmed Majeed Algoria and Waliya Najib.