Momina Mustehsan came in to rescue Alizeh Shah amidst social media trolling

To the Rescue!

Alizeh Shah recently made the switch to TV from TikTok. She recently uploaded a video to her Instagram, dressed in an elegant pink dress vibing to a Megan Thee Stallion song. The video, which now has millions of views, was captioned “not seeking approval.” Trolls found their way to Shah’s post. “We want the old you back,” was a common sentiment expressed in the comment section. They wanted her to embrace "modesty", commenting on her choice of clothing. To one user claiming Shah is doing everything for fame, and has changed, Momina jumped in and replied saying, “I would respectfully disagree. She’s still the same person, just expressing herself differently. You and I wouldn’t be here on her page if she hadn’t already gained the ‘fame’ you’re implying she changed herself to chase. If anything, I’m sure you guys have made her more than aware of your sentiments towards her choices – yet she’s choosing to be herself,” she wrote. “Let’s allow people to express themselves, however, they want to. Just like you and I (and everybody else), people evolve. The way we think, feel, look keeps changing and that’s the beauty of life. Extend freedom to receive freedom,” Mustehsan added. Women in the entertainment industry have been subjected to extensive social media trolling lately which is not at all acceptable.