Sonya Hussyn opens up about delayed payments for ‘Tich Button’

Where’s my check?

Where’s my check? It’s a question too often asked by actors, who regularly have to wait, and wait, and wait – and wait – for payment for their work. The entertainment world is notorious for the slowness of payment. This remains a major issue in Pakistani cinema. Earlier, veteran actor Noman Ijaz revealed in conversation with Rafay Rashdi that his payments are stuck and one channel owes him Rs 45-50 million and another channel owes him Rs 20-25 million. Similarly, Sonya Hussyn dished out in a casual banter in her appearance at Time Out With Ahsan Khan that she still hasn’t been paid for Tich Button, an upcoming production of Urwa Hocane. She said, “2 saal hogaye, puri film kr li, abhi tak mera check nahi mila. (It’s been two years since we’ve wrapped up the whole film, I still haven’t received my check).”