The Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano

One choice changes a woman's life in surprising ways in Donna Freitas's The Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano. Told across nine different timelines, the book explores what happens to Rose when her fight with her husband over his sudden desire to have children leads to a variety of different choices for the academic.


A train journey completely upends the lives of a couple in Helen Oyeyemi's Peaces. When Otto and Xavier declare their love for each other they receive a trip on a sleeper train from a family member. However, the train isn't exactly what it seems. Not only do they appear to be the only passengers, the trip has been designed specifically for them, but what they don't know is what it all means.

Early Morning Riser

Early Morning Riser by Katherine Heiny will challenge everything you think you know about what it means to be in a relationship. Sometimes it feels like Jane has to share Duncan with everyone – the man she loves still mows his ex-wife's lawn and even maintains friendship with his ex-wife's current husband. But when Duncan is involved in a terrible accident, Jane begins to realise there are benefits to not having Duncan all to herself.