You can definitely vouch for this newcomer that emerged on the face of our entertainment industry recently. A dentist turned model, who is now also trying her luck in the television dramas, Kaneeze Zainab, is a fresh talent to gather all the limelight with her enthralling on-screen persona. Be it photo shoots, music videos or dramas, this girl does everything with utmost passion. Zainab is a Lahore based model, who just after a year of starting off as a fashion model began to acquire offers for dramas. She might be just a few dramas old – but the actress already has earned a name for herself in the tinsel town. Juggling between different careers, she is definitely a role model for people who want to achieve something in life. The starlet joins MAG for a quick and fun rapid fire. Here are 60 seconds from her life. Excerpts:

You as a person?

I’m an introvert and precisely, a highly sensitive person. I’m not a very social person and don’t mix up easily.

Modelling or acting?

I would say both, can’t pick one. Like apple and oranges. Modelling is static, and on the other hand acting is dynamic.

One thing you really want to learn?

Martial arts.

You splurge the most on?

Shoes and handbags.

What is your all time favourite travel destination?

It’s hard to name one, there are many.

Three things you don't leave your home without?

Cell phone, wallet and my mask these days.

The smartphone app you use the most?

Instagram and Whatsapp.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Staying in my pyjamas all day.

Beaches or mountains?

Beaches facing mountains.

Any character you wish you had played?

Jamie from A Walk To Remember.